This easy canyoning is a great and original activity for the winter season that will delight everyone!

Canyoning in the Winter!© OT CONFLENT CANIGO

Useful information:

  • Several canyoning instructors referenced on the local tourist offices are at your disposal to introduce you to this fun activity.
  • Just take some old sports shoes, a bathing suit and spare clothes.

Winter activity. Departure from Thuès.

You will need to walk a little bit up a trail from Thuès to reach the starting point of the canyoning.

The canyoning instructor will provide all the necessary gear: wetsuits, shoes, helmets and harness.

Special Feature : Small natural pools of sulphurized water at 40°C all along the canyon, with steaming water points that invite you to completely relax. You will get to walk in the water and enjoy some nice rappelling.

Highlight : a beautiful waterfall of almost 30 metres. You will use a handrail or go down the waterfall by sliding down the rope with your special equipment. You will get a good shower for almost a minute before reaching the bottom and finishing this beautiful canyon.

Click on this link Consommer Parc ! to find canyoning instructors that respect our Natural Park Values.