The F’Estive of Eyne Celebrates the Ascent to the Mountain Pastures.

It is also 12 editions of an astonishing mix of secular traditions, debates on current events and festive music concerts that have made the reputation of the place.

Start of the Ascent to the Mountain Pastures© Association-les-Eynoiseries

The association Les Eynoiseries offers each year a beautiful program featuring a particular theme. In 2021, it highlighted old trades.

Eyne – On Saturday morning, the public gathers along the village road to welcome the herds that leave the meadows of the town to enjoy the summer pastures until October. The sound of jingle bells and cows moo is deafening but doesn’t last long, as the herd descends quickly from the top of the village. This show alone reflects the organizers’ attachment to a vernacular tradition, and goes very well with the other highlights of this very special weekend.

And that is the strength of this event: bringing together the young and the not-so-young, who are all passionate about popular tradition, and creating a colourful crowd who will dance all night to festive rock and ska! This “cocktail” has always been successful and a handful of people who only swear by this event understood the value of keeping mixing genres!

Ascent of the Herds to the Mountain Pastures© Association-les-Eynoiseries

An Event for Children Too

This year, the organizers have decided to enrich children’s activities with a circus workshop, a mask workshop, a make-up workshop, inflatable games, wooden games and activities around solar energy. And above all, don’t miss the hilarious show of the famous clown duo Pilule and André. All these activities are free.

A Music Carefully Selected

In addition to local singers who will perform in the Choir of Cambre d’Aze, many groups will take the stage from Friday evening. With its magical atmosphere, for absolutely everyone, the Eyne Event is meant to be fully enjoyed!