Six volunteer members of the Lud: Oh ! association have been hard at work over the last 10 years to create a games library in Saillagouse.

Sandra Torello came from Toulouse with her family, where there was a games library in every neighbourhood. Getting back to their roots in Saillagouse with their 3-year-old child, they felt a need – shared with others, including primary-school assistants: a place for all generations to share moments of joy. The project found an exceptional solution with the chance to occupy the Yellow Train station, owned by SNCF, with the firm support of the Saillagouse Town Hall.

After a phase of works with limited resources, the Lud:Oh! Gare games library opened in early 2023, and has already seen some very positive results.

As soon as you set foot inside, you’ll sense the tranquillity that this place exudes, having retained all the charm of an old train station alongside the life of a tea room, enriched by a selection of self-service games. This venue, which also offers delicious refreshments and cakes, is gearing up to welcome a host of projects: chess tournaments, cooking workshops with Marion Constiaux’s teaching approach (a Targasonne dietician) and the acquisition of new games – particularly the solitaire games (puzzles) adored by teens …

Take a little time to enjoy Lud:Oh! Gare and immerse yourself in the history of our dear Yellow Train while playing with friends, family or your better half … Many have already fallen in love with this place, hopping on board the Yellow Train to spend a few hours there soaking up all the fun!