The village of Sainte-Léocadie is made up of 4 hamlets: Mairie, Llous, Palau and Cases d’Amont. There is also a church from the 12th century adorned with admirable altarpieces which reflects the rich architectural and religious heritage of the place.

One kilometre from the train station, in the heart of the village of Sainte-Leocadie, you will find theMuseum of Cerdanya located in an old farm from the 18th century. You will learn the history of Cerdanya, which is both a mountain and cross-border territory. You will also enjoy guided tours, exhibitions, cultural activities, the amazing mountain vegetable garden, the small conservatory of Cerdanya Agriculture… In a word, you will discover what makes Cerdanya so special.

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66800 Sainte-Léocadie